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Stylish Ankara short gown styles for wedding and parties

Stylish Ankara short gown styles for wedding and parties 


An Ankara short gown is a traditional garment worn by women in West Africa, particularly in countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. It is typically made from a brightly colored and patterned fabric called Ankara, which is a type of wax print fabric that is popular in Africa. The gown is usually knee-length or shorter, and it has a simple, straight silhouette with a round neckline and short sleeves. It is often worn with matching headwraps or other traditional African accessories.

An Ankara short gown is a versatile and stylish garment that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It is commonly worn to weddings, parties, and other special events, but it can also be dressed down with sneakers or sandals for a casual, everyday look. The vibrant colors and patterns of the fabric make the gown a statement piece that adds a touch of cultural flair to any outfit.

Ankara short gowns are made by tailors or seamstresses in West Africa, and they are often sold at markets or in stores that specialize in traditional African clothing. They can also be purchased online from retailers who specialize in African fashion.

Check out the photos below to see some new Ankara short gown styles you can replicate with Ankara fabric of your choice. The styles you will see in this collection will actually inspire you.

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